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U.P.S. Skate COPA Trip Day 05

I can't really remember what happened on Day 05 just yet...... it's a few weeks later at the present moment.

Actually, this happened:

Muz and The Heff were out till 3 in the morning skating - legends. Josh was up and ready on them young legs super early but Muz was chilling and needed a little more rest. We split over to Prahran to check out the homies at Street Machine and skate the park whilst Muz got more beautiful.

Got a call from Muz, he was up, had his make up on and good to go so we trekked it back to Fitzroy (Prahran was kinda far) to grab him and check out some spots. I think the first spot we went to was some ledges near the tram station in Northcote. We went a super round about way to get there, tram then train then skate only to realise the tram station at the spot went right past our hostel. Geniuses. Another fun spot with a buttery-arse ledge.  

Our buddy from UNO Skate Co. Jamish just got back from Japan the day before this day so we met up with him, Ben Hermans and some other crew for some schnitty dinner action. I ate my massive schnitty, then Bull's left overs, then some of Muz's. I'm a growing man.

Heff was keen to get out there again this evening so we went out to scope some more spots. We weren't as productive this night, everyone was pretty tired and we got the boot from the below ledge spot before Bully could get busy. We ended up at the library spot and just kicked it there for a little while and I filmed Muz probs get the MVP line of the trip and some cute dogs. 

Midnight was late enough this night, back to the host-hell and to bed. Last day tomorrow, it's going to be a sad sad day........