Vans Half CABS - Classic Silhouette

Vans Half CABS - Classic Silhouette

In 1989, Vans and legendary skateboarder Steve Caballero introduced the Caballero shoe, a groundbreaking collaboration that would forever change the landscape of skateboarding footwear. The Caballero was a high-top shoe designed to provide ankle support and protection, but skateboarders quickly realised that they needed a more flexible and lightweight option to enhance their performance on the board.

Skateboarders took matters into their own hands and began customising their Caballeros by cutting down the high-top padding, creating a lower profile shoe that better suited their needs. This DIY approach led to the birth of the Half Cab, a shoe that revolutionised the industry and became a staple in skateboarding culture.

The Half Cab has been completely redesigned for modern skateboarding as part of the Skate Classics Collection. The Skate Classics collection delivers more of what skateboarders need to enable maximum progression. Made with classic suede and canvas uppers, the Skate Half Cab gives you the iconic look you want while bringing all the performance benefits skateboarders demand.

Enhanced Durability for Intense Skate Sessions

The Skate Classics are built extra tough on the inside to withstand the rigours of skateboarding. With reinforced stitching and durable materials, these shoes are designed to last through countless skate sessions without compromising on performance. Skate with confidence knowing that your shoes can handle the toughest tricks and landings.

Optimal Performance for Skateboarders

Designed with skateboarders in mind, the Skate Classics offer enhanced boardfeel and grip to help you nail your tricks with precision. The vulcanised construction provides superior flexibility and traction, allowing for better control and stability on your board. Whether you're hitting the streets or the skate park, the Skate Classics are engineered to support your skateboarding journey.

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