Monster-Children-x-Vans U.P.S.

Monster Children x Vans

For two decades, Monster Children has been intertwining the realms of surf, skate, music, and art. Like-minded creative thinkers who prioritise fun in life, their friends at Vans share this vision, leading to the collaboration. Result being is the Monster Children x Vans Custom Collection, melding Vans’ innovative skate technology and timeless styles with Monster Children’s gritty, textured aesthetics and design-forward reputation.

This collection showcases the new Skate Authentic Mid and Checkered Skate Slip-On, featuring a custom Monster Children checkerboard print on the vamp and heel counter of the Skate Slip-On, and subtly peeking out of the top of the Skate Authentic Mid. Each pair is finished with a custom Evan Hecox handstyle Monster Children scribble, and comes with a distressed vintage effect and unique textures, reflecting the look of a beloved, well-worn shoe straight out of the box.

"The Vans x Monster Children Skate Authentic Mid and Checkered Skate Slip-On become an extension of you from the moment you put them on. These shoes have outrun the police, cruised down hills, and been your dance floor companions, beer spill catchers, and comfort providers. They're your everyday, your must-haves, your trusty steeds. Slip them on and kick them off a thousand times - they're your favourite pair of shoes, right out of the box."

Check out the Authentic Mids HERE
and the Slip-Ons HERE!

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