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UPS Fernside Crew | Navy

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If you've ever been to Sydney on a skate trip, you've most likely been to Fernside aka: Waterloo. The park itself has been around since the 70's or 80's. Affectionately recognised as a 'ghetto' or 'DIY' park, recieving the name 'Fernside' from the DIY park in Portland called Burnside but our park is much closer to Redfern - hence the name Red-Fern-side. Over the years there was different legit obstacles at the spot including steel vert and mini ramps, quarter pipes, grandstand style ledge but the real charm was from the mish-mash of janky obstacles built by friends and dumped on the courts. The dodgy obstacles and dodgy characters laid the foundations for a legacy that continues to this day. 

It hasn't been a DIY or ghetto park since 2005 when it had a major facelift and was turned into the plaza style park that it is now. While it's lost that little bit of hoodness (as the whole area has been gentrified to the point of timed parking SMH) in our opinion, it's the best park around the City which is why we decided to make a couple tribute pieces for the legacy!

  • U.P.S. Fernside crew
  • 80% cotton / 20% polyester
  • Mid-weight fleece
  • Embroidered 'Fernside' across chest