Hoddle Keegan Pot Plant Deck | Assorted Sizes

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New from Melbourne brand Hoddle - range #11.
From Caelyn Norris:
Range#11 has seen us collaborate with an array of different artists and friends to bring you a vibrant and unique assortment of designs. With the focus on friends and family involved, we have created a few new shirts dedicated to those who have contributed along the way.

This board:
Artist Keegan Walker - As part of our ongoing series of pot plant tee's, we are excited to be sharing the second graphic from the book of pot plant paintings by Keegan which he completed in early 2019. In addition to the shirt, we have created a cap and a one-off board graphic that combines/tiles all Keegan's paintings together showcasing his individual works.

  • Hoddle Keegan Pot Plant Deck
  • Made in Mexico
  • All boards come with MOB Grip