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  • red coloured skateboard deck on concrete floor
  • red coloured skateboard deck on concrete floor
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Croons Theatre

Croons Theatre Bleached Deck | Assorted Sizes

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The Croons Theatre Bleached deck with art by Luca Blasonato. 

"Inspiration for my paintings comes through responding to the everyday experience and the responsive play with materials. I look at a lot of organically formed images just in everyday life working in a forensic approach, archiving and taking photos of things I see on the street, also working from images online, magazines and movies and then putting them in the painted realm.
Within my own paintings, I am dissecting the work down into its basic elements. I am trying to create a sensory experience. Giving the maximum emotional effect with minimal paint application but appearing as a build-up painted image.
This series of works have openness in the painting, not confining with a certain genre or style. They work in pairs, some representing landscapes, some are image paintings and others straight abstraction. But all coming from a similar place no matter how the image differs. A focus on what I want my paintings to look and feel like to my audience, not giving answers but raising questions and having an emotional effect on them. the decisions made to leave a painting in the essence of discovery demonstrating intellectual flexibility. Restraining as a tool of subtraction and form of mark-making.”
Luca Blasonato

  • Croons Theatre Bleached deck
  • Art by Luca Blasonato
  • All boards come with free grip