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  • skateboard deck with toy babies in pink outfits graphic
  • skateboard deck with toy babies in pink outfits graphic
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Croons Theatre

Croons Theatre Babies Deck | Assorted Sizes

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The Croons Theatre Babies deck by Sam Stephenson, Sydney, Australia.

Sam Stephenson first developed an appreciation for image making as a teenager working in his neighbour’s dark room. Sam’s work often focuses on the various sub-cultures he is part of, as well as the psychology and surrealism of being there. Sam focuses on the rise and fall within the everyday and his candid approach imbues moments of love, isolation, destruction and hope. Sam speaks of his analogue archive as an expanding narrative, a storyline flowing in and out of consciousness. The process of cataloging and placing each frame in time and memory has become an obsession – a tome of lone memories, shared memories, of moments misconstrued and bare reality. Sam has shown his work in gallery’s and publications regularly over the past decade.
Sam is represented by China Heights. 

  • Croons Theatre Babies deck
  • Art by Sam Stephenson
  • All boards come with free grip