Nike SB x CONCEPTS 'Turdunken' Dunk High

The latest Nike SB Quickstrike collab is a wild one!

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From the man himself:
“By far, this is the dumbest and weirdest and most off the wall thing we’ve ever done”- Deon Point. An idea that’s been years in the making, the new Concepts x Nike SB ‘Turdunken’ is inspired by the popular seasonal turducken dish. The execution includes a chicken sock, stuffed in a duck (or Dunk) sneaker, stuffed inside a turkey oven."

"The Nike SB Duck (Dunk) High Pro uses luxe materials and iridescent details to create a design that mimics the look and feel of a male mallard duck. Plush leather is textured to look like feathers and the fuzzy suede material on the heel mimics duck down. We’ve incorporated a scenic toile print on the insole and collar lining, which features a flock of mallards (and maybe even a lobster or two). The rubber sole is colored up to mimic the look of duck legs and feet."

Unfortunately we're not receiving any of the impressive special boxes, which is a bummer but hey, at least we have COVID under control.