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U.P.S. Skate COPA Trip Day 04

We were 3 men down but spirits were still high from our 7th place win on day 04.

We got an invite from The True East dudes to come to their office and check out their office/gallery and to see the adidas Skateboarding Q2 2016 range. Sick range, can't wait to get it in store + all the boys including myself walked outa there with shoes and a bunch of tees. Thanks for hooking it up Linc, Ryan and Holly! Turns out there's a bunch of weird spots around the office too but they seem to be protected by the local Aboriginal crew. We got some strict instructions from a guy to not point the camera at him, from across the street, while we were skating a spot pointing it in the opposite direction. He was pretty serious about though so we split, Heff had already handed the rugged ride out to the street anyways.

2nd breakfast was on then meet up with The Pidge and make the obligatory stop in at Fitzroy bowl. Pretty much the funnest place on earth. Sydney needs one of these thanks Clover.

Was kinda rainy on this day so we were a little concerned about the shred quality of the day, turned out pretty good and the Heff brought it all day filming a bunch of stuff. Next stop was Riverside, turns out half the park was blocked off for repairs which was a bit of a bummer, I really like that place. The dudes were keen to skate some street spots anyways, hairy muff I said and we ventured off into the streets of Melbourne. We skated an out ledge spot out the front of a big arse museum near Flinders, we all got clips including me!

And then it rained.

***Good lookin out Mappy with the food recommendation, all you can eat vegan Hare Krishna for $7! Forget about it!