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U.P.S. Skate COPA Trip Day 03

Day 03 after winning 7th place in the comp we were all on a monumental high. We headed out for a champions breakfast and on to meet C-Rob at Lincoln. Lincoln is pretty fun, I hadn't skated in Melbourne since it had been built. The good homie Snape (who was one of the judges at Skate COPA) and some of the Fast Times dudes were there too. We split there with some Melbourne crew to skate some spots - good meeting you Casey and Geoff, cheers for showing us around. 

We ended up at this down hill ledge with Muz filming Kaloe, slamming and pretty much ripping all the skin off of his hand saving the camera though. Pretty heckers but Muz took it like a man.

After the hand shredding and a line for Charles, we headed to the Docklands on the tram. So good that trams are free in Melbourne.

This ledge spot that Kaloe is gap to lipsliding is nuts, perfect grinding/sliding, movable benches. There's not many spots like this in Sydney if at all. Across the road from here there's a spot called cheese 20, which is a 12 stair but as big as a twenty (almost). We got to watch Harry Clark huck down them a few times, super gnarballs. He's definitely a hoon.

The crew got significantly lighter after this session with Charles' Dad picking him up flying him back home for school on Monday and I had to drop Kaloe and Corey to the plane station for their flights home. Corey got MVP on comp day for the nude mini mega action for sure, we were sorry to see the bro's go. 

We kinda lost Bully that day actually. Only for him to reappear in the hostel from hell loose as after he'd be chilling with Snape-G all day having beers at Lincoln. Pidge was working at Beach Burrito down the road from us so we headed down there to skate the mini pool, drink some beers and eat some fish taco's. Thanks for the beerios and letting us skate the bowl Pidge you devilishly handsome man!!