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U.P.S. Skate COPA Trip Day 02

Day 02 - competition day.

Because we stayed in Fitzroy to try and get some City skating done, we were an hour away from Geelong. We kinda new that from the practice the day before but we still managed to get there with about a half hour to warm up before our run. The other teams had been there all morning we discovered Charles was there already warming up getting kinda nervous because we were running so late - soz bra. 

We get there do all the handshakes and hello's and start warming up. By luck of the draw, we were skating against Fast Times. They had good team consisting of the good homie Dean Palmer, Jesse Noonan, Jackson Pilz, Jimmy Roche and Mappy. It was some stiff competition, we didn't beat em and we were out. Ha ha ha short and sweet all the team dudes did well though. I did all my tricks in about 45 seconds leaving myself 4 minutes and 15 seconds to not land anything else. It was super fun, that session with your mates for 5 minutes comp format is super good and chillen I thought.

Highlights of the day:

  • Cuzza MC'ing, bettered only by his mates mic takeovers with boozed up commentary and player specs.
  • Hoooooooooooooon.
  • Anthony Bull's back smith down the big hubba.
  • Charles Robertson's big rail shut down.
  • Your boy Corey Young doing the mini mega ramp naked WATCH it here.
  • Corey doing a straight no comply over the Boost The Bar thing straight into a burger feed.
  • We got 7th place!!! Not last!!!!! 7th place!!! 7th place!!!!!! 7th place!!!!!!!
  • The car ride back to the City with drunken team spirit mascot Pidge.
  • Just being with the boyzah having a good time.

Good onya Geelong Skateshop for winning and we hope the Berrics finals were fun!

Thanks again adidas Skateboarding, Stoke Skateboarding, The True East, Jansport, Levi's Skateboarding.