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U.P.S. Skate COPA Trip Day 01

We recently got back from U.P.S.'s first out of state trip. It was quick hop down to Melbs for the adidas Skateboarding Skate Copa competition. Thanks for the trip adidas and Stoke Skateboarding, we had a fucking blast!

Started off with a penny pinching early as shit flight interstate. We skimped on accommodation and flight so we could add The Heff and Muz down to come skate and film. The crew was myself (Faz), Murray 'Muz' MacLean, Josh 'The Heff' Heffernan, Corey Young, Kaloe Kaaikala and Anthony Bull. Charles 'C-Robs Box' Robertson would be meeting us down there on Saturday morning for the comp.

I probs shouldn't haven't skimped on the accommodation though. The hostel we stayed at was full of diseased, bong head / weed dealing, stinking hippy backpackers. Except for our room mate Steph, you're cool, sorry if we kept you up with our daily photo and footage recaps!

**Early morning.

We arrived in Melbs to be picked up by Jim Dandy (thanks Hooooooon!!) and shuttled over to Hyundai to pick up our sweet whip. We were all (mainly me) pretty stoked to find out our car had 2 extra seats, which was lucky because we had 2 extra dudes. 

Check in to stinky hostel blah blah blah.... get breakfast and meet up with the Pidge, yeah cheers cunt. Then we headed out to skate the city before heading to competition practice, beers and pizza at the Park in Geelong.

**The Heff - front smith

**Big Tony - back tail


THANKS for hook ups adidas Skateboarding, Jansport and Levi's Skateboarding.