Faz, Kaloe, Paully, U.P.S., U.P.S. Fam -

U.P.S. Fam Weekend Day Trip

Paully, team guy Kaloe and I went on a day trip last Saturday for the homie Brettos' birthday.

We filled 2 mini busses with 20+ dudes and headed up north to Berowra, Berkeley Vale and Swansea skateparks. It was a full skatepark take over where ever we went. I felt kinda bad for any locals that were there but the trip was so fun and I got over it.

All photos by Brettos.

Tully BS smithy at Berowra.

Solid crew.

Heated carpark session at Berkley Vale.

Fat bottom Faz (me) FS noselide cause I got that 90's shit.

Tully probs gets MVP he's a poor mans GTATV but he's our poor mans GTATV. Over crooks.

The can man Uncle Weezy always holding it down. #slappyking

Muzza the lensman.

Soyboy lipslide. Also trip MVP.

Tully FS grind up and through the kinker.

Solid session, solid crew, thanks BOYZAAAAHHH!