Anthony Bull, Canberra, Cons, Converse CONS, Daniel Bicker, Jansport, Josh Heffernan, Kaloe Kaaikala, Kei Hoshino, Nick Garcia, Sony, Tobias Rowles, U.P.S. Skateshop, UPS, Wezo Cooper-Jones -

U.P.S. in the Capital — Day 03

Day 03

Thanks to: Cons, Jansport and Sony.

Photography by Tobias Rowles.

Day 03 started out with sun! Then an epic hangover only cured by...... nothing. At least it was sunny though :) 

The scenery where we camped was pretty epic so we thought we'd try to find something skateable in the vicinity. Apart from more scenery and some Daewon rocks it was a bit of a fail. We did get a super good team/bro/family photo though.

We headed over to Belco to try our luck for a second time. We were met with cold but clear skies and a sick park - stoked. Everyone had loads of fun at Belco except a few who were extra hungover (Daniel James Bicker, who stayed in the car).

After spending a good amount of time at Belco, hangovers and longing for our families got the better of us old blokes (me and Tobes) and because I was driving, we took the Tarago and bounced. There was little complaint though, everyone was pretty cooked. The young-guns kicked around for a bit longer to get some shit done, they had it under control so I felt everything was ok.

Wanting some more scenery and pictures, we stopped at the Lake George look out where there just happens to be a sick metal bench. Hoshikei took care of business knocked out a few tricks and pics then we left the Capital in out rear view mirror headed for a stormy few weeks in Sydney.