Jansport, Josh Heffernan, Kaloe Kaaikala, Kei Hoshino, Nick Garcia, Sony, Tobias Rowles, U.P.S. Skateshop, UPS, Wezo Cooper-Jones -

U.P.S. in the Capital — Day 02

Day 02

Thanks to: Cons, Jansport and Sony.

Photography by Tobias Rowles.

Day 02 starts with one of those rad mornings after you've set up camp in the dark only to wake up in front of a massive dam with a rad stream and emu's!
Bully the good man jumped straight on the breakfast detail and smashed out about a 1000 bacon and egg rolls to soak up some of the hang over.

We headed back into town to pick up our new team guy Josh Heffernan and to try and get a full day of shred/filming action. 

Canberra City centre is super good, it's been a while since I've been there so I forgot how fun it was - then it rained. We made the most of the time and found some shelter to mess about under then Bully got word about an under cover out rail. Josh handled it easily with a back 50 pop over then feebled the whole thing first shot. 

We missioned to Belco after that just in case it would be dry but.... nope, it was wet, turns out the sun doesn't always shine in Belco. So we were on stew, brews and campsite detail again. We lucked out on a sort of free campsite with fire pit things and hot showers. Super good night with the boys, total bro-down, we had a campsite premiere of Trophy Room which was sick! Thanks Brendan! I can't really remember much after that except for piling out in the tent top and tail with Big Tobes, bromance please.