Anthony Bull, Canberra, Cons, Converse CONS, Goulburn, Jansport, Josh Heffernan, Kaloe Kaaikala, Kei Hoshino, Nick Garcia, Sony -

U.P.S. in the Capital — Day 01

Day 01

Thanks to: Cons, Jansport and Sony.

Photography by Tobias Rowles.

The crew: Faz, Dan Bicker, Muz Maclean, Kaloe Kaaikala, Anthony Bull, Kei Hoshino, Josh Heffernan, Nick Garcia, Wezo Cooper-Jones and Big Tobias Rowles.

Day 1 began with: phoning the bus rental company to find out that they had booked the bus to be picked up at 7pm rather than 7am - so there was no bus ***insert a packed Tarago and Muz's little hatch back.

On the way to Canberra we make the obligatory mid trip shred stop at Goulburn skate park. It started raining almost immediately but it's one of those sorts of parks that dries up really quick and the rain wasn't too bad so we were good to stretch the legs for a bit. Stopped by the Big Merino on the way out for a pie and a tail drop into a rugged bank by Bully.

Next stop Canberra. It was raining and getting dark so the not so skate rat skaters stocked up on beers and stewing goods and went off into the dark looking for a viable sleeping location. Muz, Kaloe and Nick kept up the shred and went looking for under cover spots to film at. 

At the end of a long winding road we found some soft ground, nice tree cover, picnic tables, BBQ and a babbling brook to sleep alongside. We set up camp and got the stew going and waited for the skate rats - they got lost - so we waited ages and got drunk :)

Day 02 coming tomorrow.