Vans & PALACE & Rory & Danny

Vans & PALACE & Rory & Danny

‘Safe’ Meaning from Urban Dictionary:

Originally from Jamaica, it has become a part of London slang, understood by all who are familiar with its meaning.:

  1. A cool person
  2. To signify agreement
  3. To signify something is good

London based Vans & Palace team riders Rory Milanes and Danny Brady have teamed up to put their personal touches on the latest skate shoe: The Safe Low.

What makes The Safe Low unique?

The Safe Low is a new vulcanized skate shoe created in collaboration with Palace, drawing inspiration from classic Vans skate shoes in the archive. It features ghillie laces and a sock bootie for maximum comfort and a secure fit.

How did Rory and Danny customize their shoes?

Each skater added their own flair to the design. Rory’s shoe showcases artwork by his friend and Palace artist, John Knight. The custom artwork gives each shoe a unique and personalized touch that reflects the skater's individual style.

Why should you consider The Safe Low for your next skate session?

With input from experienced skateboarders like Rory Milanes and Danny Brady, The Safe Low is designed to meet the demands of skateboarding. The combination of comfort, style, and performance make it a top choice for skaters looking to elevate their game.

Check out both colourways right HERE.

vans skate safe low white

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