naoh nayef wearing UPS miles tee

U.P.S. Skate Shop x Miles™

How did this come about?
Thanks for asking, well, we are really tight with the Miles™ distribution out here (shout out Big AL!). He sold us on the brand, we tried out the grip and it actually is what they say it is, it's the best grip. All of us here switched over from the other "really good" grip brand starting an 'M' and we've never looked back.
Fast forward a few months and we were chatting with AL and asked if he thought they'd be down to do a little collab, turns out that were and here we are! 
No joke, we got some footage of Koston and GT skating in the tees too, that was very surreal to see some of the best to ever do it (outside of Oz) wearing a U.P.S. tee.

The concept is pretty simple, we ran our Stretch logo because it looks like a road and we also included how many 'miles' it is from U.P.S. to Miles™ HQ - about 7,947.

We're looking forward to doing some more stuff with MIles™ soon...

Shop the collection right HERE.

noah nayef wearing UPS skate shop miles collab

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