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The Return of Newcastles Finest... COME SUNDOWN

If you've been riding with us for a while, you'd know that we used to stock Come Sundown a minute ago. Pre skate team, though the brand had skateboarding ties being that Marcus Dixon (the brands founder) is a proper skater and does a ton of skateboarding graphics. Sorry to say that the little brand from Newcastle kinda got pushed out of U.P.S. by other, more skate focused brands. BUT it's back and with a super good team including our own shop guy, the 2nd nicest guy in skateboarding, employee of the month permanently - Riwaz 'The WZA' Kazi. OH and the recently turned pro for Girl Skateboards - Rowan Davis. There is some other dudes on the team but I'm not sure who they are and I can't find their names, sorry mates!

The new range is really really good, super Australian but not in the stinking way. You'll get a Pass~Port vibe for sure but the brand is still different and doing it's own thing 100%!

Check out the new Come Sundown range right HERE.

come sundown out fit

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