When we learned that the new Polar video was coming we were all very excited. Sounds cliche but "it didn't disappoint". 
The video format is in that real Polar style with parts but with the whole team sprinkled throughout the video. There's some hammers in there for sure but to me, the vibe of the video is the hammer - if that makes sense?

A few things that stuck out to us:
The video starts and ends with Ol'Brassy (an Australian favourite), in all his crazy wild man style which is SO sick to watch.
Have you seen (and remembered) any Paul Grund footage?
Yeah same BUT his clips in this video are actually so good. He's always just been this name on a board so it's good to see that he can skate.
Congrats to Jamie Platt who's pro status announcement was secretly snuck into the video, that must've been such a good night for him.
Despite Oski's knee injury, he still has some amazing footy, a lot of it in the streets too. He goes so ham in this crazy, dangerous looking DIY bowl thing under a bridge. The death rating is high on that monstrosity for sure. 
We're huge Shin Sanbongi fans at U.P.S. his footage was smooth, surfy-ish and stylish as you can imagine. 
That Emile dude shreds! Well he's greatly improved from recent videos, he's the new Spawny I reckon. 
The hunky viking, Hjalte Halberg **drool** looks so happy for everyone on the team when they land tricks. Quartersnacks need to do an edit of just his happy faces from the video. Mans can take his shirt off and do mach 10 ledge lines all day if you ask us mmmmmn mmmmn <3
The last part goes to the other new guy, Ville Wester, he deserves it too. I'm not 100% on the eyebrow ring, the 90's can have that back or the thinning green locks but the hair is only on a couple clips - phew! He skates good, pretty wild style but works it well. I wonder if he also went to that skate high school?
There's other dudes in the video and all their footage is good, this is just a quick round up of what stood out to us. Don't come for us Aaron Herrington. 

Overall great video, also so good to see a full length come out. Polar staying 100. 

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