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Skateboarding History with Converse and Alexis

An East Coast icon defined by style. Decades into the game, it’s Alexis Sablone’s time.

Designed by Alexis the AS-1 Pro is the culmination of her style, attention to detail, and dedication to skateboarding in a signature shoe that melds modern design with archival aesthetics. The AS-1 Pro throws it back to Alexis’ early love of ‘90s cupsoles and adds performance details informed by Alexis. Adding a unique core for a cushioned close-to-the-board feel that reacts to impact, the AS-1 Pro offers the stability and durability of a cupsole without sacrificing board feel. With a vintage court-inspired upper, the AS1-Pro provides the responsive herringbone tread pattern for grip, TPU pods for added ollie protection, and signature Alexis Sablone design details.

A long time in the making, the AS1-Pro is an homage to Alexis’ past, present, and future. 

Shop the new Alexis Sablone AS-1 right HERE.

converse cons as-1 alexis sablone

converse cons as-1 alexis sablone

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