quasi bobby de keyzer pro model deck

Quasi Summer 22 (it's a bit late) Range

We just received our Quasi Summer 22 range, yeah it's a little late but Australia is a loooooong way from Ohio where the brand is from. 

Thankfully Quasi are still having boards made by 'The Professor' aka: Paul Schmitt. There seems to be a bunch of brands that have jumped over to BBS from PS Stix recently which is a bummer. PS Stix, in our opinion, is the best board manufacturer out there. BBS is really good, and this is a direct quote, "it's the best copy of my work" - Paul Schmitt. 

Quasi stepped up their cut & sew collection a few years ago and they're still going strong with it. Everything is unique to the brand and they don't bombard us with 10 different colours of every cut, just carefully selected colourways and materials. It's really the best way to keep your brand identity tight. Some stand out pieces from the range include the Warren pleated pant, really nice cut and baggy. There's also a couple premium, patterned knits as well the wild graphic tees of course. 

We're big supporters of Quasi and this range delivers as per usual. 
Shop the new range right HERE.

quasi dane barker pro model quasi skate deck
quasi skate deck quasi skate deck
quasi skateboards tee
quasi skateboards tee
quasi skateboards tee quasi skateboards tee
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