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Nike SB x Why So Sad Dunk Low

John Rattray's Mission For Mental Health Awareness is a foundation which was set up to raise awareness around tools and skills of mental health first aid, and to help destigmatize the subject of mental health. 

The Predatory Bird has been a collection of his writing, videography and photography, and a platform that connects back to skateboarding.

In memory of his sister Katrina and Ben Raemers, he rode his bike 100 miles to chase his first ever sad plant to raise funds focused on 3 organisations around reducing depression and providing tools, knowledge and services to improve our mental health - which inspired the sad plant, and eventually sad grab predatory bird graphics and colourway. 

Scroll down below for your chance to purchase. 

If you're feeling like you need some help, we've compiled a list of organisations that may be able to assist:

nike sb why so sad dunk low pro john rattray

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