last resort chris milic shoe

New Last Resort PRO-SHOE!

The Last Resort team consists of some unique characters, and they aim to give them all a platform to shine from, perhaps not driven by the same corporate values as the big brands. With that being said, one of those "unique" characters is Chris Milic. Chris has the last part in the debut LRAB video 'Alvs Angels', definitely worth a watch if you haven't done so already! Chris's part in this may have been the clincher for him to receive his debut pro shoe. 

The shoe is based off the OG VM001 with an added T-toe as to the specifications made by Chris. It's got some very Froggy branding on the tongue and insole and also features the new Cloudy Cush insole. It's a great looking shoe and available in 2 colourways, a black / black and a Froggy green!

You can shop our full Last Resort collection right HERE.

last resort chris milic pro shoe

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