last resort vm003 black black break free socks

New Last Resort AB Collection

Last Resort AB are the newest skate shoe brand on the block (the Yuma doesn't count- YUCK!) and are doing great things. Always making tweaks to improve and adding new styles and soon... a pro shoe for someone - you'll hear about that down the track, it's not for us to spill the beans on that one. 

The new collection includes some really nice new colourways like a "Leaf Green" VM003 low, a "Choc Brown" VM001 low and a couple of blacked out VM003s. The VM003 seems to be the ONE at the moment, super popular on the shelf and looks great on foot. It was introduced by the brand with the Dancer collaboration a few months ago and is now a staple in the ranges. 

We love Last Resort at U.P.S., with a motto of:
Shoes made by and for Skateboarders around the world, girls and boys out on the streets having fun, being creative. We don't have any corporate backing, no one telling us what to do. And neither should you.
You should too!

Shop our Last Resort AB collection right HERE.

leaf green last resort ab vm003

last resort ab vm001 choc brown on foot

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