new balance numeric and tom know 440 high and low

New Balance Numeric x Tom Knox

Tom Knox is definitely a favourite around U.P.S. His footage in the Atlantic Drift videos always stand outs with his quick footedness and creative trick selection. He's on that creative skater tip but it's creative skating with effort and it's always impressive. 

The New Balance Numeric 440 is definitely a best seller for us, it appeals to skaters and normies alike. Our own employee of the month and NB# Australia team rider, Riwaz Kazi says they're his favourite shoe to skate. The 440 High is the newer of the 2 choices and every colour, since the release, has been a hit. 

So combine Tom Knox with the 440 Low and High and these 2 colourways is what you get! The navy low is made from a premium leather with a matte finish that will age to perfection, the high is your classic suede with navy and baby blue accents perfect for any outfit. 2 great options from NB# and TK!

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new balance tom knox 440 low navy

new balance tom knox 440 high white blue

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