NB# Tiago 1010 x Poets U.P.S.

NB# Tiago 1010 x Poets

Presenting the NB# collaboration with POETS to enhance the Tiago Lemos 1010.
Founded by legendary New Yorker Gino Iannucci, POETS was born from his brick and mortar skate shop of the same name. Growing up in the 'Poets Corner' neighbourhood of Westbury, Long Island, Iannucci's early exposure to movies, pop-culture, and Euro American heritage inspired inspired the finely crafted clothing and accessories the brand release today. POETS brings it impeccable style to New Balance Numeric, highlighting simplicity while incorporating premium materials and aesthetics. 

Shop the New Balance Numeric range, Including the 1010 HERE

New Balance 1010 x Poets Brand on black and white tiled floorTiago Lemos pushing in a pair of new balance x poets 1010's

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