concepts nike sb orange lobster campaign

HUGE DUNK - Concepts 'Orange Lobster'

Don't get pinched! Partnering with Concepts, the 6th iteration in the coveted Lobster story arrives at last. Joining the special sneaker collection, its bold colour rendition is set to impress. Recreating the hue, texture and tone of the popular crustacean, and then adding in the rubber band around the toe and bib-themed insole, the divine and delicious look is served up right. So whatcha waiting for—this fresh catch isn't gonna stay put.

From Concepts:

Since its introduction in 2002, Nike SB has evolved from a niche skate and sneaker culture secret to one of the defining elements of new contemporary luxury. “From the beginning Concepts’ partnership with Nike SB has been led by our shared belief in bridging creative worlds through storytelling,” says Deon Point, Concepts Creative Director. “The Lobster Dunk series is not only a hallmark for Concepts, we’re proud to say it part of cementing the incredible legacy of Nike SB.”

While prior iterations of the Lobster Dunk trawled the deep seas for inspiration, Concepts’ latest catch, the CONCEPTS X NIKE SB DUNK “ORANGE LOBSTER,” adds a surrealist twist to the series, bridging the gap between art, fashion, luxury and unconventional creativity. The design draws color influence from Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali’s playful interpretations of lobsters (that unforgettable phone and his 1969 interpretation of “The Lobsters quadrille” from Alice in Wonderland). The result gives both new impact to the solidified visual language of the Concepts x Nike SB partnership and acknowledges the intermingling of skate and art that is hallmark of Nike SB’s 20-year history.

concepts and nike sb orange lobster campaign

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