huf crailtap girl skateboards mouse knit sweater

HUF x Crailtap Collection

If you're a skateboarder in your late 30's or 40's, the Crailtap aka: Girl, Chocolate and Fourstar family, meant a lot to you. From the early-ish 90's and all through that decade there was just no other brands / teams that could stand up against them. The squad included the who's who of all time legendary skateboarders, Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, Gino Iannucci, P-Rod, Keenan Milton RIP, that's just to name a few! They also had a close relationship with founder of HUF and Fourstar team rider - Keith Hufnagel (also RIP) hence this collaboration between the two heritage skateboarding brands. 

We love this collaboration and how they've executed the brief, they've gone so far as to reproduced the fish bowl that Sean Sheffey tries so hard to protect in Girls debut skate video Goldfish. There's a whole lot of other nods to old Girl and Chocolate videos throughout the range including a knit sweater with Rick Howards Mouse character from 'Mouse'. The collection will hit you right in the nostalgia button and make you feel like that teenager nagging your oldies for new Girl, Chocolate or Fourstar product!

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huf crailtap chocolate brown tee

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