Go Skateboarding Day 2022 WRAP UP U.P.S.

Go Skateboarding Day 2022 WRAP UP


The Sydney skate event curse is lifted! After cancellations for rain and covid last year it was such a relief to go ahead with the plans this year. 

We organised a 90's inspired skate jam with a 90's Corolla that had a round bar welded to the boot as well as having the boot reinforced. Too bad the rear window wasn't reinforced!
It got caved in right at the end of the day, it was the most perfect 'SESSION OVER' of all time. Glad you survived the glass explosion young Joe.

The day kicked off with a queer friendly session hosted by our friends Tov and Ubee. The skatepark can be an intimidating place, we tried to provide safe place (before the storm) for our LGTBQ+ community to have a go at the obstacles. 

The free skates were epic! We had a ton of prizes to give away throughout the day so for almost every trick, slam or broken board in the free skate a prize was given. 

We managed to pull a little cash for the main event that brought out the big guns. Groms and grown men where throwing down trying to scoop up $20 notes. In the end Sammy Sutton won the car for the best trick on the day.

Check all the action in the pics and clip below!
Filmed by George Kousoulis.
Additional filming Jackson Rios & Joe Wilson.

Massive thanks to everyone who made the day possible: EA Skate 4, Vans Australia, Kingswood Creative, RedBull Australia, Central Park Mall, Totem Collective, X-Large Australia, Pass~Port, Sunday Hardware, ACE Trucks.

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