DC Shoe Co x Cafe UK U.P.S.

DC Shoe Co x Cafe UK

If you've around for a while (since the 90's), you'll remember the DC Clocker. If you're from Sydney, you might even remember that you could get them from Paddy's Market for cheap! DC brought back the Clocker 2 with Bronze last year and now again with UK brand Cafe. The collection also features a Kalis OG but we all know why we're here don't we?
It's the navy / white / gum Clocker 2, a classic colourway on a classic silhouette!

From DC:
The Cafe x DC collection, a collaboration with the Bristol (UK) brand 'Cafe', takes inspiration from the environment around Lloyds to celebrate this iconic spot and skate scene. The Kalis OG colourway pays homage to the stone at Lloyds with the stairs and diamonds (the same that are found at the spot) embroidered in the heel. The blues on the Clocker represent the water and blue brick found around the plaza. 

Shop out full DC collection right HERE.

dc shoe co cafe uk clocker 2 navy white gum

dc shoe co cafe uk kalis og grey white

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