civilist winter 2022 collection

Civilist Winter 2022 Collection

The latest range from Civilist in Berlin has arrived. The brand is quickly becoming a favourite around here, we get super pumped every time they flick over a new catalogue. 
All the apparel is made in Portugal which suggests they use the same factory as Carhartt WIP and Polar which is a really good thing! They go to lengths to produce interesting accessories for each range too, a frisbee, incense, dice, dominoes etc... 
Thankfully for us the "brand" is still a shop so the catalogues aren't bursting with products, just a solid collection of products.

The standout for this range is the Spike zip-up hood. We've been resisting this (rebirthed) trend for as long as we could, now Civilist have sent over one of the best we've seen so we're in. Zip-up hoods sending us back to the 90's Zero and good Element days. 
The other pick of the bunch for us is the tote bag, again, last season there was another sick one that sold out instantly. This tote bag is a great size, great colourway and great design. 

Civilist is one of the newest brands for us and we're stoked to be presenting you with their new range right HERE.

civilist spike zip up hood ash grey

civilist tote bag

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