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Butter Goods Q322 range is HERE

We're stoked to be offering the latest Butter Goods range!

This season they've gone in on a De La Soul / 3 Feet High and Rising-esqu Peace Flower graphic. It's been applied in a number of creative ways, embroidery, printed, jacquard knit across tops, bottoms and a rug. The new rug phase that's going on in fashion right now is so good, we're all very stoked, you know a good rug can really bring the room together!

Of course, Butter have come through with new colours and graphics in their denim as well. A new dark indigo colourway for the baggiest jeans - the Santosuosso. These pants had a little bit of a slower rise in popularity but are now the most sought after of the Butter jeans. They're super baggy with a slight taper at the ankles so they don't drag over the back of your shoes. The 'baggy fit' are adorned with embroidered Peace Flowers this range. It's the most graphics we've seen applied so far from the brand with flowers down the back of the right leg, coin pocket and left front pocket. They look great and definitely a little different. 

The brand goes back to the knits for this collection again with 4 different offerings - the Flowers Knit, Bowler Knitted Sweater, Stripe Knitted Sweater and Mohair Knit Vest. Every piece feels quality from the weave itself, to the colours and graphics as well. 

This is a great range and you can check it out and buy it right HERE.

butter goods flower rug

butter goods q three twenty twenty two outfit

butter goods mohair vest dusk blue

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