adidas x Blondey AGAIN!

adidas x Blondey AGAIN!

 What is the story behind the Superstar?

Blondey, a renowned skateboarder, found his go-to shoe in the Superstar when he first started skating. It quickly became a staple in his skateboarding journey and has remained so ever since. The Superstar's iconic design and performance made it the perfect choice for Blondey when it came time to create his own shoe.

Introducing the Pro Model: Evolution within the Superstar family

When Blondey decided to create his own shoe, there was no question that it had to be a part of the Superstar family. Thus, the Pro Model was born. The Pro Model is an evolution of the Superstar, incorporating the best features while adding new elements that enhance performance and style.

Revisiting the iconic clear TPU materials

One of the defining features of the original Superstar was its clear TPU materials. Blondey wanted to pay homage to this iconic design element and decided to incorporate it into his Pro Model as well. The clear TPU materials not only add a unique aesthetic but also serve as a thread that connects all of Blondey's footwear.

The Superstar: A timeless classic

Blondey's love for the Superstar is evident in his decision to create the Pro Model within the Superstar family. The Superstar has stood the test of time and continues to be a beloved shoe among skateboarders and sneaker enthusiasts alike. Its timeless design, combined with the innovative features of the Pro Model, make it a must-have for anyone looking for style and performance.

In conclusion, the Superstar has played a significant role in Blondey's skateboarding journey. From being his go-to shoe when he started skating to becoming the inspiration for his own Pro Model, the Superstar remains a symbol of style, performance, and evolution. With its clear TPU materials and iconic design, the Superstar family continues to leave a lasting impact on the world of skateboarding footwear.


Blondey's new shoe is available online right HERE and in store from 11am.

Check out the new shoe and our full adidas Skateboarding selection HERE.

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