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adidas Skateboarding x BLONDEY

Blondey is a young icon whose creative relevance continues to grow both in and out of skateboarding. He represents the cultural crossroads of where skate and fashion meet and his work is representative of this exciting juncture.

adidas by Blondey is a culmination of the partnership between adidas and Blondey since his debut translucent Superstar in Fall ’19. This new collection is entirely designed by Blondey and pulls inspiration from his English roots alongside modern and archival artefacts that continue to fuel his output. Its design direction aims to translate the intersection of where Blondey exists, respecting skateboarding but appropriating its cultural standing within today’s landscape.

“A lot of people think that no-one who skates ought to be interested in anything other than skating, and vice versa. I don’t feel that way. I feel the other way. All of my favourite skaters have borrowed from other sports and cultures ... Mark Gonzales in his fencing shoes, Erik Ellington in Baker 3 in that basketball vest or whatever it was ... the list goes on and on and on. I’m more interested in making basketball shoes, or in the case of the Gazelles, indoor football shoes skateable than I am in making skate shoes, as such. That’s why I skate for adidas.”


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blue and black adidas blondey skate shoes

man in blue adidas blondey sweater

man dressed in silver adidas blondey jacket

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